Climate Neutrality
EcoNatural has already achieved it.

Lucart Professional has reached another milestone on the road to sustainability, with the aim of reducing its environmental footprint still further.
All EcoNatural toilet paper and handtowels produced in Diecimo and Laval-sur-Vologne have been recognised as Climate Neutral since 2021.

It’s a process made up of clear steps defined by international standards. This achievement represents a new start for Lucart as it sets even more challenging emissions reduction targets to fight climate change.

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These are the steps in the project

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What does offsetting CO2e produced mean?

Production emissions cannot be reduced to absolutely zero, which is why residual emissions are offset through projects that benefit the climate, nature and the community. A rigorous verification and certification process translates the CO2e savings obtained with these projects into carbon credits that the company can use to offset residual emissions and achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Lucart has decided to compensate residual CO2e emissions by supporting projects to provide access to water and sustainable development in Uganda and Malawi.
A project certified by:

Clean Development Mechanism

The Lucart Offsetting project


In Sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of the population has no access to a safe source of water.

People therefore spend a large percentage of their savings and time on procuring it. They also frequently rely on non-renewable fossil fuels and biomasses to purify water.

This translates into forest degradation and the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Lucart’s contribution

Lucart has ensured that families and local communities have access to clean and safe drinking water.

This result has been achieved using environment-friendly purification technology.

The project has reached over 537,000 people in 1,380 villages, with the installation of more than 2,500 water purifying dispensers with no environmentally harmful emissions in these areas.

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Area involved

The project targets the districts of Budaka, Kibuku and Manafwa in Uganda and the villages of Mayaka and Thondwe in Zomba district, Malawi.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The project has contributed to these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Goals 01
Goals 02
Goals 03
Goals 04
Goals 05
Goals 06